ForkandBeard [Mitchell William Cooper] [Version 1981]
(C) Copyright 1981-2029

C:\>REM Welcome to
C:\>REM This is a shabby and very personal website. Just a way to publish the half baked output of a young software developer living in Gorleston-on-Sea, Norfolk, England. A personal website of images, games, and applications. Created using Java, .NET, Excel and VBA.

C:\>LINK /Games & Applications  
C:\Applications>Load /Applications
C:\Applications>REM I have written a couple of small *free* graphic utility apps. Coming soon will be some games written in Java.

C:\>LINK /Personal Fluff  
C:\Fluff>Load /Fluff
C:\Fluff>REM Just some links to some more ForkandBeard content.

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