ForkandBeard [Mitchell William Cooper] [Version 1981]
(C) Copyright 1981-2029

C:\>REM Links
C:\>REM Here are some links.

C:\>LINK /Vidi-Plates  
C:\>REM Here you'll find some digital art I've created. Some of it is procedurally generated art and others are just images. Each one was created via code of some sort.

C:\>LINK /Forkandbeard @ Blogger  
C:\>REM My attempt at eternal bloggerfication.

C:\>LINK /Forkandbeard @ YouTube  
C:\>REM I have a few vids of various apps and things I'm working on.

C:\>LINK /Forkandbeard @ Vimeo  
C:\>REM I tend to stick anything game related I'm working on on Vimeo (much nicer than YouTube).

C:\>LINK /Forkandbeard @ Tumblr  
C:\>REM I am now tumbling all that I do.