ForkandBeard [Mitchell William Cooper] [Version 1981]
(C) Copyright 1981-2011
[big fan of UK Holiday Search]

C:\>REM Applications
C:\>REM Here are some applications I've made.

C:\>LINK /Alferd Spritesheet Unpacker  
C:\>REM This is a little spriting application I have written to cut individual frames from a spritesheet. It's really simple to use: just drag a bitmap on to the form and then select which frames you want to export.

C:\>LINK /Clipboard Launcher  
C:\>REM This application runs in your taskbar and allows you to quickly edit data in your clipboard by launching the default application for your clipboard data.

C:\>LINK /Whitenoir  
C:\>REM Just a small graphic application which converts an image into a mono-chrome image.

C:\>LINK /Panchromatic  
C:\>REM A graphic application which converts any image into a line drawing.
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